21/1/2015 WKC

Veal(calf) - delicate, lean meat

Osso Buco
It is Italian dish made with shank of veal (정강이)
brunoise vegetables / jus with orange zest and tomato puree

Braised cushion of veal (topside)
플레이팅을 고기 한 덩어리로 해야됨 because this meat looks dry, you should keep the moisture as much as you can

fried jerusalem artichoke - blanch first
너무 맛있었음!!!!! the best dish

steak pudding (원래 smoked oyster도 같이 해야되는데 안함)
steamed suet pastry. pastry가 너무 얇았는지 soggy했음

Veal pojarski

mince veal with cream sauce (white wine으로 deglazing 한 sauce)


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