10/11/2014 WKC


Jacket potatoes (Baked potatoes)

Choux paste gnocchi
mix(make it smooth by beating) until it's frim and cool it down
grated cheese add beaten egg gradually

put it in piping bag
pop them in simmered water (oil, salt)

bechamel sauce (milk flavoured with onion, herbs...)
cheese on the top and rockets

potato gnocchi
baked potatoes seasoned with salt
scoop out the flesh with a spoon

mash potatoes, season with salt and pepper
flour / beaten egg (keep the bowl warm)
not too sticky consistency / very soft

majoram in the dough
(dry herbs have stronger flavour than fresh herbs)

sprinkle flour on the tray, roll the dough and make a gnocchi shape
keep it in the fridge

My potato gnocchi stuck on the pan :(
I couldn't make keep the shapes like these
I should have used enough oil or non-stick pan

I made sweet potato gnocchi instead :D
olive oil, chili, sliced garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, parsley

sugar glazed gnocchi, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, cocoa powder, grapes
Not too bad :P

시럽을 위에 얹거나 크림을 이용했으면 어땠을까 하는 생각


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