21/1/2015 WKC

Veal(calf) - delicate, lean meat

Osso Buco
It is Italian dish made with shank of veal (정강이)
brunoise vegetables / jus with orange zest and tomato puree

Braised cushion of veal (topside)
플레이팅을 고기 한 덩어리로 해야됨 because this meat looks dry, you should keep the moisture as much as you can

fried jerusalem artichoke - blanch first
너무 맛있었음!!!!! the best dish

steak pudding (원래 smoked oyster도 같이 해야되는데 안함)
steamed suet pastry. pastry가 너무 얇았는지 soggy했음

Veal pojarski

mince veal with cream sauce (white wine으로 deglazing 한 sauce)

20/1/2015 WKC

Cooking degrees

Very rare - Au bleu
Rare - saignant
Medium - a point
Well-done - Bien cuit

cuts of beef

Beef wellington
puff pastry - thin pancake - duxelle mushroom (shallot, mushroom, herbs sauteed in butter) - foie gras - seared beef

most ethical 한 방법으로 기른 geese livers 이라고는 하지만.....
sustainable한 재료가 아니기에 쓰기 조심스럽다.

purple carrot puree 였는데 좀더 맛이 진했으면 ㅠ

원래 foie gras도 올라가야 되는데 내가 다 써버려서 못올림
middle fillet of beef
beef jus
spinach and horseradish puree (썼는데 달달한 쥬와 고기와 정말 잘 어울렸다)
potato fondant

19/1/2015 WKC


Chili Con Carne

밴프에 있을 때 스텝밀로 많이 먹었던 음식
플레이팅은 그지같이 했지만... 맛은 굉장히 좋았다

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding

sear beef to give it colour
(56-58'c medium rare)
let it rest

steak and kidney pie

kidney doesn't need to be cooked long time
puff pastry

2/12/2014 WKC


sausage case

속도 조절이 중요함!

pork는 지방이 많아서 괜찮은데 venison 이나 다른 game meat sausage는 fat을 첨가해줘야됨. (25%)

2 Legs(back) and 2 Shoulders(front)

1/12/2014 WKC

Liver & Sweetbread

Lamb sweetbread

poach in salted water
remove skum
clean with cold water
remove membrane, normally pan-frying

we used mustard and cream

Veal sweetbread

Calves liver stroganoff

coat liver with salt, pepper, paprika powder and flour
saute liver in oiled hot pan

fry onion until brown
deglaze with stock and bring to boil
saute mushrooms
add onion, mushroom, liver in cooking juice
simmer for few mins and add some parsley
cool slightly, add some soured cream or creme frache

garlic, shallot, mushrooms and little amount of butter
in hot oiled pan
sage, cream, whole grain mustard
dust sweetbread with flour and pan fry

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